Textures will play in Russia for the first time. Their tour includes three major cities — Saint Petersburg (September, 4), Moscow (September, 5) and Yekaterinburg (September, 6). Here is the video message for Textures fans in Russia entitled “Будет Забеись!” ([Everything] Will Be Fucking Great!), where the band said few sentences in Russian:

Russian Newspaper reports that Zhan Sagadeev (the guitarist/vocalist of E.S.T. band) was found dead at his apartment on 4th of June at 1 A.M. by his wife. He was hanged up with a TV cord. Now the police are carrying out the inspection, since they haven't found suicide note. Zhan Sagadeev was 41 years old…

On the 6th of February in St.Petersburg (Russia) Arkona were celebrating their 7th anniversary and presenting to the public their new DVD release "The Great Night of Volos" (Velikaya Noch’ Velesova).

After 30 minutes of performance Special Police Force (OMON) burst into the hall and shut down the gig.

One of the policemen came up to the stage and said: "the concert is over; everybody against the wall!"

All the fans and musicians were put against the wall and searched. Then the police collected the ID information, took the fingerprints and made photos of each person who was at the club that night.

The official statement of the band:

We deeply regret to announce that out performance at Arctic club was stopped by law-enforcement authorities of St.Petersburg.

We would like to take notice, that it wasn't the first incident of canceling rock (or nonconformist subculture) gigs in this city, and it's not connected with Arkona's creative work.

It emerged that it was police plan operation in the field of fighting with some parts of nonconformist subculture in St.Petersburg which harmed all our fans and the band. The operation took place not only in Arctica club, but also in other rock clubs of the city.

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